Jewish COLAGErs

Do you have one or more LGBTQ+ parent/caregiver? Do you identify as Jewish or does at least one of your parents identify as Jewish? If so, come join our third Jewish […]

Uniting Kids with LGBTQ+ Parents

Are you 8-13 years old and have one or more LGBTQ+ parent? Come meet other kids with LGBTQ+ parents and learn about COLAGE! This workshop is facilitated by our Youth […]

People with Trans Parents

Join COLAGE’s People with Trans Parents chat! People with a trans or non-binary parent or caregiver are one of the fastest growing groups of queerspawn — you are not alone! Join […]

Retro COLAGErs

Come join the Retro COLAGErs group! Whether you were born before the 1990s, had a closeted or out-and-proud LGBTQ parent or caregiver, experienced secrecy and hiding, had a great experience or a […]