Atlanta Family Weekend

Atlanta Family Weekend is a multiracial gathering of LGBTQ+ families from the greater Atlanta area, the South, and beyond with an explicit focus on BIPOC families. In order to prioritize low-income and disabled attendees, financial and physical accessibility are pillars of this event. Family Weekend centers the vibrancy of Atlanta while creating safe spaces for youth, parents, and the whole family. We invite families to the kickback to connect and dream about what a collective of multiracial LGBTQ+ families, justice-minded organizations, and local resources can do together. This year, COLAGE, SPARK Reproductive Justice Now, Feminist Women’s Health Center, and Mothering Justice are partnering to put on Atlanta Family Weekend from October 12-13, 2024 at Magnolia Hall in Piedmont Park. Atlanta Family Weekend is taking place just down the walkway from the famous Atlanta Pride Festival so you and your family can be surrounded by queer and trans joy! See the Atlanta Family Weekend 2023 Itinerary to get a sense of last year’s event that COLAGE co-hosted with Forward Together.


Join us for a family kick back filled with games, food, music, and workshop spaces for COLAGErs aged 8-18, play in action spaces for COLAGErs 0-7, and parent/prospective parent disucssion sessions. Learn more about Atlanta Family Weekend and register below! 

Atlanta Family Weekend 2023 itinerary below. Please note that the 2024 schedule will released in the early summer.

More about the event

We prioritize BIPOC, low-income, and disabled people by:

  • Hiring queer & trans BIPOC performers, artists, caterers, and ASL interpreters
  • Ensuring at least 70% of attendees are BIPOC
  • Hiring a COLAGE facilitator team that is at least 70% BIPOC and reflect the identities and experiences of youth attendees
  • Ensuring our organizing team is majority BIPOC and 100% queer and/or trans
  • Offering culturally relevant resources such as QTBIPOC mental health professionals, QTBIPOC owned local restaurants, etc
  • Using a pay-what-you-want model for registration
  • Fairly compensating all facilitators, performers, artists, caterers, and ASL interpreters
  • Ensuring our space is ADA accessible
  • Asking all attendees to mask via their travels to the event and while indoors at the event space
  • Asking attendees to stay home if they feel sick and take a rapid COVID-19 test before entering the space
  • Placing HEPA filters indoors
  • Cultivating a wellness corner with first aid materials, essential oils, coloring books, and more
  • Providing signs and visual maps of the park with marked event location


  • Create a safe space for youth who have LGBTQ+ parents/caregiver
  • Create a safe space for prospective and current LGBTQ+ parents/caregivers
  • Create an accessible space for low-wealth attendees and disabled attendees
  • Cultivate lasting networks and connections for LGBTQ+ families
  • Provide local reproductive justice, family-building, and community-based resources to LGBTQ+ families 
  • Dream about collective liberation for our families and beyond

Thank you to our Atlanta Family Weekend 2023 supporters!

We could not put on Atlanta Family Weekend without the generous contributions of our supporters! If you’re interested in supporting this life-changing work for LGBTQ+ families, please contact our Development Director, Katy Chatel.

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