Here came the word ‘queerspawn,’ along with other words like ‘donor conception,’ and finally I felt like I had a way to explain my experience to myself and the people around me.

— Luciana Arbus-Scandiffio, COLAGEr


COLAGE is happy to provide a copy of our highly praised guide: People with Trans Parents. We are also excited to announce that our Donor Conceived Guide is now available for download. Our next project is to develop and release a guide for Adopted COLAGErs. All guides are written by people with these experiences, for people with these experiences. If you enjoy the guide or use it often, we welcome a pay-what-you-can donation. Proceeds from these donations will help to fund updates to these guides on a regular basis.

Experiences in Schools Report

Experiences of Students with LGBTQ+ Families in K-12 Schools from COLAGE, Family Equality, and GLSEN aims to address a significant gap in our understanding of school climate. Based on surveys conducted with students and parents/caregivers, this study seeks to redress the erasure and undercounting of experiences of harassment, bullying, discrimination, and/or hostile school climates based on having an LGBTQ+ parent or caregiver and to make visible the experience of LGBTQ+ families.

Dobbs v Jackson FAQ

When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, it overturned nearly 50 years of precedent. Since the Court released its decision—which suggested looming threats to our ability to create and protect our families—many are looking for answers about what they can do now.

This resource is a work in process that explores some questions we’ve frequently heard and includes tools that you can use moving forward.

Queerspawn Resource Project

The Queerspawn Resource Project curates an ever growing list that centers the experiences of people with LGBTQ parents and guardians. These resources are gathered here to give queerspawn a deeper and fuller look at their own identities, as well as to offer professionals, educators, and families easy access to new tools with which to better understand and connect to the queerspawn in their lives. Suggested additions and feedback should be emailed directly to the Queerspawn Resource Project team.

Parentage Laws Report

Relationships at Risk: Why We Need to Update State Parentage Laws to Protect Children and Families is a report that examines the various ways in which LGBTQ+ families form and the efforts underway to ensure that all children, regardless of where they are born or who their parents are, can establish legal parent-child security. This report was authored by the Movement Advancement Project in partnership with COLAGE, Family Equality, GLAD, and NCLR.

Back to School Toolkit

Our Youth Action Board has created several resources to help their peers navigate tough social and academic situations. On this page, you will find an email template for students to send their teachers, a link to Family Equality’s toolkit for parents, and a video featuring our Youth Action Board members explaining common situations COLAGErs find themselves in with several options of how handle such situations. You will also find infographics delving into similar challenging situations and corresponding solutions. 

Menu of Services

We are here to provide our expert advice your projects! Whether you are making a film, compiling entries for a dictionary, looking for a speaker for your event, or in need of facilitators for youth workshop, we got you covered. We have years of anecdotal, experiential, and numbers-based evidence about what it’s like to have LGBTQ+ parents. We also have a large network of volunteers and participants eager to share their voice beyond our community. If you are interested in our services, email 

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