Angel Martin

National Program Director

Angel Martin (they/them) is the National Program Director at COLAGE. They are a second generation queerspawn with a lesbian mom (this means that they and their mom both identify as queer). Angel started COLAGE programming at the age of 7 and has been an active member of the COLAGE community ever since. When they were in high school, they participated in the Youth Leadership Track as a Facilitator in Training during Family Week. They became a facilitator and, eventually, a coordinator for the Waffles (8-10 year old) age group. In 2019, Angel was a Program Intern for Family Week. Angel played an instrumental role in establishing COLAGE’s Transformative Justice Committee in 2020. Angel is excited to work towards a world where all queerspawn have community and space to share their voice. Previously, Angel lived in Los Angeles where they did social work at a homeless services agency. They now live in Manhattan with their partner and like to play tennis, travel, and discover new music in their free time!

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