Jordan Polcyn-Evans


Jordan (he/him) lives in Rochester, NY, and has been part of COLAGE since he was a child. He was raised by his two moms, and later his step-mom. Jordan began attending COLAGE programming as soon as he was old enough, and continued through high school, eventually becoming a facilitator and co-coordinator on the COLAGE Family Week staff. For the past year he has been a member of COLAGE’s Core Team, Family Week Advisory Council, and Social Media team, and works with the Waffles age group during Family Week. Outside of COLAGE, Jordan works in the Prevention and Outreach Services office at SUNY Brockport, and as a teaching artist specializing in theatre at various summer camps and programs. Jordan credits the COLAGE community with sparking his interest in activism and education, and he would not be where he is without it.

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