Katy Chatel

Development Director

Katy Chatel (she/ze), is a queer, cisgender expansive, solo parent living in Philadelphia. A mindset of heart over capital led Katy to discover the impact of investing in meaningful causes. Previous to this role ze was the Development Director for the national LGBTQ nonprofit, VideoOut, and the Fundraising Chair for Philadelphia Family Pride. When not working you can find Katy seeking learning opportunities with her kid, Coyote, walking in the woods, reading The New York Times and coming of age novels, and fantasizing about world travel. Katy first interned at COLAGE in 2002, the same year she prepared to start a family and is thrilled for this full circle moment to be back at COLAGE advocating for all people with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer parents and caregivers.

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