Monday, June 3, 2024, is the 19th Annual LGBTQ Families Day, a time to celebrate the many families with LGBTQ people in them who live in every state and almost every county of the U.S. The event aims to raise awareness of the diversity, joys, and challenges of all LGBTQ families—found, formed, and chosen—who exist throughout our society. 

Anyone is welcome to participate by:

  • Posting or sharing on any social media channel on June 3, 2024, in celebration and support of LGBTQ families. Include the hashtag #LGBTQFamiliesDay. Ideas include a family photo/video, family anecdote, image of an LGBTQ-inclusive kids’ book, or a simple message of support.
  • Following the hashtag #LGBTQFamiliesDay throughout the day and sharing the stories, images, and thoughts from other participants.
  • Celebrating in your community in whatever way uplifts the voices and experiences of LGBTQ families.

LGBTQ Families Day was developed by the award-winning LGBTQ parenting site Mombian and is sponsored by Family Equality, PFLAG National, GLAAD, GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (GLAD), and COLAGE. Additional partners include Gays With Kids, OurShelves, PregnantTogether, and the Queer Family Podcast. Since 2006 (originally as Blogging for LGBTQ Families Day), the day has engaged parents across the LGBTQ spectrum, parents of LGBTQ children, LGBTQ individuals, children of LGBTQ parents, and non-LGBTQ family members and allies. The event is held on the first weekday of June, between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, in order to honor all parents but also to highlight that not all families fit into the traditional structure of one mother and one father.

This year, COLAGE is celebrating with the release of QUIP‘s policy and advocacy priorities, the Queerspawn Agenda. For too long, people with LGBTQ+ parents have been the subject of many national conversations, but never invited to speak for ourselves. With our Queerspawn Agenda, COLAGE, the only national organization for and by people with LGBTQ+ parents and/or caregivers, aims to do just that. You can read the agenda here — let us know what you think.

Happy LGBTQ+ Families Day and Happy Pride!