COLAGE Executive Director Jordan Budd released the following statement about the introduction of H.R. 5, the so-called ”Parents Bill of Rights” in the 118th Congress:

On March 1,  H.R. 5, also known as “The Parents Bill of Rights” was introduced in the 118th Congress. Contrary to its seemingly harmless wording, H.R. 5 is another devious attempt to disenfranchise the LGBTQ+ community by preventing children from learning about sexual orientation, gender identity, or LGBTQ+ history. H.R. 5 was amended to specifically mention parental knowledge of all books being stocked in the library, which directly correlates to the national trend of banning books with LGBTQ+ characters from school libraries. States such as Florida and Texas began to lead this charge in 2021, and since then several other states have followed suit. 

COLAGE fervently objects to this bill (and any bill of a similar nature). First and foremost, it is blatantly discriminatory against youth with LGBTQ+ families and LGBTQ+ youth. Moreover, the bill openly discriminates against the parents of children who identify as LGBTQ+. A “Parental Rights” bill should not be allowed to pass if it does not incorporate the rights of all parents, not just white, straight, and cis parents. Thirdly, the bill prevents children with LGBTQ+ families and LGBTQ+ children from learning about their history. The bill inadvertently denies the existence of the LGBTQ+ community and aims to create shame in LGBTQ+ people and their families of all ages. All children deserve to feel safe and secure in schools, no matter who their parents happen to be. H.R. 5 is the antithesis of this sentiment and we must fervently oppose it.

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